Why Choose Peasy to Build Your Small Business Website?


of people

will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive.

If you want online success, your website needs to look professional and be easy to use. After all, many people make judgments about a business based solely on their website. 

Who is it for? 

Peasy is for small offline businesses, consultants, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, and service providers. It is for people who want a website but don’t have time or budget to fuss with custom functionality.  

Most DIY website creators force you to build your own website with their tools. As easy as some of them may be, making a great-looking website is still massively time-consuming. Besides, what entrepreneur has ever tolerated being stuck in a box? Additionally, most small business owners aren’t web design experts, meaning they aren’t sure how the pieces of a website should fit together to make users happy. You shouldn’t have to worry about those things. Focus on your appointments, meetings, and never-ending list of “to-dos”, and let Peasy take care of the website. 

The Website Builder Built by a Small Business Owner

What is another reason we care so much about small businesses? Because our website program and business were built by a small business team, led by a small business owner! We pride ourselves on offering affordable website solutions that are easy, fun, and even exciting to use. Spend your valuable time building your business and serving your customers instead of cursing at the computer trying to figure out how to make your website. 

Why are we so passionate about building awesome WordPress websites for small businesses? 

Because our founder started her own business after becoming a “corporate dropout.” She was tired of the stuffiness of large corporations and decided to focus her attention on helping risk-takers, entrepreneurs, and hard-working small business owners. Peasy is a direct reflection of her own passion for small businesses and desire to help them succeed. 

We know the hard part for small business owners is they simply don’t have the time to spend on a DIY website builder or the funds to get a custom built-from-the-ground-up website. 

Peasy makes getting a website easy for small businesses because it was built by people who love small businesses. Peasy is affordable and designed for small businesses — not created as a big business website builder that limits what can be done.  

Peasy is managed exclusively by an independent Austin-based company with over ten years of experience designing, running, and managing WordPress websites for small businesses throughout the United States. 

Peasy makes it affordable and easy for time-strapped small business owners and entrepreneurs to get an amazing-looking, responsive website up and running. Tell the world what you have to say and show off your business in the light with Peasy.